Thursday, April 1, 2010

Boardwalk Psychosis and anger mismanagment

Divine Madness Gallery • Asbury Park Nj. Oct. 4-11, 02 •

This was Styles' first one-man show. Asbury Park NJ was the perfect city. Styles had worked in Asbury Park in the 1980's at a beauty product supplier on Main St. He watched the city try but fail at a recovery in the 80's. It was the capital of underachievment. Ten years later a second attempt for both underachievers showed promise.

Crystal Atkins of Divine Madness Gallery offered the Soho-looking gallery to Styles in October of 2002. For a number of years A.P. had taken on a Greenwich Village feel. Several small art galleries had taken root. The crowds that gathered in the evenings consisted of the cliche` mixture of artists, musicians, writers and the Gen X version of the Beatnik.

Entittled Boardwalk Psychosis and anger mismanagment. "I like long titles... kind of a Monty Python ring to it." Despite a heavy mailing Styles sold only one small piece of work. That covered half of the DJ cost. A week later he started the plans for his next opening.

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