Thursday, April 1, 2010

Famous When Dead

Styles puts as much effort into the promotion of an opening as he does into the actual artwork for the show. For the infamous Valentine Day Show a week of small radio spots were taken out on WRAT 95.9 fm. Styles wrote and financed the ad spots.

For the Famous When Dead show in October of 2004 an 8 page show program was developed. The program covered the artist and his new work, as well as 5 ads for business that contributed support to the opening.

The show name came first. The title implies the cliché` artist's fate of fame and fortune coming only after his tragic demise. But it also had a Film Noir ring to it. Premise being: buy an unknown's artwork, kill him, resell it at a profit. (Probably best NOT to give collectors any ideas)

Due to certain obsessive personality traits Styles got hooked on the film Pulp Fiction. " I would turn it on just about every morning while I was getting ready for work for background noise" So when it came time for Styles to do the flyers for the show, it evolved into a lampoon. "At times last summer things seemed to parody PF..." Like what? " like none of your business"

The only thing that fell through with the show was the 74 green Nova scheduled to be in the gallery never showed up. "It's a shame, we were going to serve the wine and cheese out of the trunk" A few old Neil Diamond tapes made up for the loss of the car. When asked if there were any other parodies in the future "not really, FWD just evolved, the next one will probably be totally off the wall, no 'Reservoir Dogs Playing Poker"

The newspaper ad in Tri-City News actually produced more response than the radio spot. "I don't want to have any more shows in Belmar, this is a town where only bars and night clubs draw a crowd."

"Besides I think it's time to start moving north." Styles said ambitiously

Stop Van Gogh

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Dysfunction Junction

Dysfunction Junction

36 "X30" enamel paint on discarded traffic sign, background is reflective